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The frightening truth is viruses and ransomeware is on the rise. According to Newsweek ransomeware alone is on the rise 250% in 2017 (and the year isn't even done yet!). Computer viruses and ransomeware aren't just hitting our computers anymore either. Smartphones and our online accounts are also under attack. Imagine logging into your computer and seeing every file on your computer has been encrypted and a ransom demand looms on your screen. "Pay us now or we you will never get your files back!". What would you loose? Tax documents? Work files? Personal photos? How about being locked out of your phone with a similar message? You can't make calls, your personal text messages, photos, email are now in the hands of some unknown malicious hacker. You open the wrong email at work, now the entire network is locked down! The Computer Ransomeware and Virus Guide for Beginners How to prevent and understand them is a book designed for novice and IT professionals a like. In this book we discuss the types of viruses and ransomeware there are. How easy it is to make them, am I a target?, How is it distributed, How do I prevent it, What do I do if I got infected? Understanding what you are dealing with, How to prepare yourself, your devices, and endusers, What are the motivations for the attackers, and how to save yourself should the worst happen. These are all important steps in keeping yourself safe. We hope this book will help guide you and broaden your knowledge.

Other Highlights:
- Anti Crypto tools
- Free tools to keep you safe
- Best practices for computer and mobile
- How much information is your web browser giving up?
- Understanding email headers and tracking
- Setting up a rogue wireless hotspot
- Email safety checklists
- Much more

This book is the 3rd offering (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073KZB3MK & https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073M87664) to help people understand and protect themselves in this digital world.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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