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Lost in Japan is a educational learning adventure game with a slight dating sim game. While exploring you land on a island to check out a new town where you run into a girl/boy (Depending on who you decide to play). You are unable to communicate with them since you don't know the language, but you would love to chat with them again. It turns out they are speaking Japanese and one of the helpful local town folk suggests that you drop by the school so you can learn the language. You can also visit the other town folk to help quiz you or even drop by the museum to learn more about Japanese history and culture. All of this leading up to finally dropping by the park to try and ask them out on a date.

So explore the town, drop by the school and learn some Japanese, Give the construction worker some help with translating the order he is receiving, drop by the arcade to try their new game, or just wander town and see what you will find.


Version 2 is here and uploaded for free.

  • Improved graphics
  • Higher resolution
  • Japanese characters added
  • Improved interface
  • Redesigned map
  • New mini games added
  • Hidden secrets to find
  • Over 191 words, phrases, and numbers to learn


Old info below:

Lost in Japan features the following:

* Retro 8 bit RPG style graphics and game play

* Save feature

* Multiple characters to play

* Learn 114 different Japanese words and phrases

* Learn how to count in Japanese

* Learn Japanese pronunciations

* Learn to tell time in Japanese

* RPG/Dating sim element

* Learn Japanese and Japanese American history

* Learn Japanese culture

* DRM free game (because DRM is annoying to us)

* Supporting a tiny indy dev studio, because that's worth a bullet point right? ;)


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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Lost in Japan.exe 425 MB


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How do you save? There is no real directions or menu... :/

sorry about that. If you hit the esc key you can enter the menu to save or load your game. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Want to buy this game, but is there another version than windows? Willing to pay double if you have in-browser, android or linux version.

sorry, at the moment it's windows only. When we have time I would love to port this to OSX and browser base, but that would be some time down the line at the moment.

we recently released a Linux version and OS X! These will be added to the existing sale if they are not already.